1. 19:04 24th Mar 2012

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    Just some gifs I made with Gifstitch. HackNY taking off!

    I see our little group!

    Apparently I talk a lot with my hands.

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    Dammit, Amtrak…


    Dear transportation co’s:

    You really need to provide wifi when you say you will. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but for a lot of people—younger people, especially—it’s the main factor which determines how we travel.

    It only takes a few trips with no wifi for us to write your company off. “They keep claiming they have wifi, but it never works!” we say, and then we don’t come back.

    I’m looking at you, Amtrak.

    Travel companies I no longer use: Delta, Southwest, Megabus, Amtrak

    (Written from a wifi-less Amtrak car somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania.)

  3. barackobama:


    POTUS sings Sweet Home Chicago w/B.B. King & Mick Jagger.

    You’re welcome.

    Singer in chief, for sure.

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A visual koan inspired by Abstruse Goose’s Other People’s Code comic.
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    Aaaand there’s video.

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  7. grassroutes-us:

    Wow! What a couple of days it’s been! We’re so humbled and amazed by the response that Grassroutes has gotten. Thank you everyone who tweeted, Facebooked, emailed, or called your Congresspeople this week through our widget. Thank you even more to people who embedded us on your sites. Special…

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    Remember when it would have been a better idea to buy Google stock with the proceeds from your idiotic Apple share sell off? 

    Yeah. That looked like a stupid thing to say 10 days ago. Today it looks like the worst advice ever.

    After the egg was laid today, Google’s stock immediately plunged 10% (currently down 7.5%). Apple’s stock, meanwhile, hit yet another all-time high today (and briefly touched the $400 billion market cap).

    But hey, at least Larry Page is super excited about something.

    Google stocks are down for the same reason Apple stocks were down in October. Unless you’re being sarcastic, I think the only real takeaway is that Wall St. doesn’t understand tech.

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Wind in the sails, taking it in…
Puma Ocean Sailing

This is so well done. So smooth…


    Wind in the sails, taking it in…

    Puma Ocean Sailing

    This is so well done. So smooth…

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    A few days ago I wrote that there’s sufficient awareness, but not enough call-to-action against dangerous antipiracy legislation in the Silicon Valley echo chamber. It wasn’t an original or particularly productive complaint; and until that point I hadn’t done anything besides educate…

    I’m amazed, flattered and thrilled that Morgan Missen wrote such a nice blog post about Grassroutes. 

    Of course, I can’t give enough credit to my incredible teammates. Thanks guys, you’re awesome.


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